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Publication numberDE602004032248 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE200460032248
Publication date26 May 2011
Filing date8 Sep 2004
Priority date9 Sep 2003
Also published asEP1674566A1, EP1674566A4, EP1674566B1, US7785596, US20070098701, WO2005026343A1
Publication number0460032248, 200460032248, DE 2004/60032248 D1, DE 602004032248 D1, DE 602004032248D1, DE-D1-602004032248, DE0460032248, DE2004/60032248D1, DE200460032248, DE602004032248 D1, DE602004032248D1
InventorsHideyuki Okano, James Okano, Masanori Sakaguchi, H Mizusawa, S Ishibashi
ApplicantUniv Keio
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Verfahren zur förderung des überlebens und/oder der proliferation einer neuralen stammzelle und zur förderung der neuritenverlängerung, promotor dafür, die neurale stammzelle enthaltende pharmazeutische zusammensetzung, testverfahren und screening-verfahren Process involved in promoting the survival and / or proliferation of a neural screening process, stem cell and promotion of neurite extension, promoter for the neural stem cell-containing pharmaceutical composition testing methods, and translated from German
DE 602004032248 D1
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International ClassificationC12N15/00, A61K35/12, A61P25/00, A61L27/00, C12N5/0797, A61K35/30, C12N5/00, A61P9/00
Cooperative ClassificationC12N2501/59, C12N5/0623, A61K35/30
European ClassificationA61K35/30, C12N5/06B8P